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I was born in 1973 in the Ruhr area. I spent most of my early years on the carpet in my children's room to play football games with a marble in real time and comment on them live. At that time my great aunt already believed that the boy would definitely become a reporter.


After graduation and military service, I fulfilled the prophecy and started working as a freelancer for the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. After several years of local sports, I later traveled around the world as editor of a news agency, reporting on all kinds of world championships and Olympic games. I finally moved from Cologne to Berlin, got to know the magical effect of this city on the human personality and took over the post as office manager.


My desire for a life abroad accompanied all these years. I learned Mandarin and moved to China in 2007, where I was hired two years later by the business department of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. I returned to Europe in 2016. My first two books I wrote in Málaga in southern Spain, the first of which ("Dad, don't talk again") about encounters on a three-month trip through Southeast Asia is still waiting to be published.


If you are interested in my experience in China and other Asian countries, please contact me. I am available as an author, speaker or lecturer.



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26.5.2021 - Guest on the podcast "Kai macht sich schlau" by Kai Kottenstede, SPD candidate running for a seat in Berlin's parliament, Instagram live 19.30h

10.11.2020 - Keynote speech at Lions Club Bochum-Wattenscheid (7.00 pm)

28.09.2020 - Keynote speech at Lions Club Gelsenkirchen (7.00 pm)

27.08.2020 - Review by Frank Raudszus (

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22.08.2020 - Booktip in Fuldaer Zeitung by Daniela Petersen

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19.08.2020 - Review for Redaktionsgemeinschaft Ostwestfalen Lippe (Interview by Anke Groenewold)

17.7.2020 - Radio interview in "Kontext" by Austrian Public Broadcaster (interviewed by Wolfgang Ritschl)

13.7.2020 - Interview with labour union (interviewed by Günter Herkel)

19.6.2020 - Gelesen: Eine Gesellschaft in Unfreiheit (Review by Bettina Blaß)

17.6.2020, 7.30 pm - TV-Interview with WDR Lokalzeit Münster about my investigative research regarding a failed China deal of Germany's meat processing enterprise Westfleisch:

12.6.2020, 5.10 pm - Interview with Deutschlandfunk Kultur about China's social media propaganda:


4.6.2020 - Interview with Westdeutscher Allgemeiner Zeitung about my book publication: 

22.5.2020, 5.35 pm - Radio interview with Radio Bremen II about China's National People's Congress in Beijing

18.5.2020 - Publication day print version: Eine Gesellschaft in Unfreiheit

21.4.2020 - Publication day E-Book: Eine Gesellschaft in Unfreiheit



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